Are you using the SkillsActive Quality Training Portal to its full potential?

Invest a little time to update your training listings today and see the return tomorrow!


See below for various updates that will help you to make the most out of the
Quality Training Portal (QTP).

For further information on how to do this please follow this link to read our SkillsActive QTP FAQs.

Historic Training Listed on the QTP

Remember the QTP is your shop window, if you are listing obsolete courses it will confuse potential clients and could lead to complaints. Please remove all training that has expired.  It is no longer necessary to keep it listed for REPs members to claim their CPD points because they now claim their points using activepassportTM.  All old training programmes have been uploaded onto activepassportTM and therefore should be removed from the QTP if you are no longer delivering it.

To remove old courses:

  • Go to the QTP webpage
  • Click on courses
  • Then click on amend next to the course you want to remove
  • About half way down you will see “Active” with the YES option selected. Change this to NO.
  • The course will be removed from your active listings.

NOS Mapping Update

We’ll soon be making some changes to the QTP to make it better for you as well as for users searching the database. As a part of this, you’ll soon have to submit details of the NOS mapping toolkits that you have completed for each piece of Endorsed training. You will also need to inform us of any changes. Please keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be announcing more details in the coming weeks!

SkillsActive opens up new market to Endorsed Training Providers

SkillsActive Endorsed Training Providers who hold a Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) Verification approval to deliver aqua can now be listed on our QTP under the Register of Aquatic Professionals (RAPs).  This means that there are a number of opportunities to market to new aquatic professionals looking to take up an aqua qualification.

If you are approved through an Awarding Organisation that delivers aqua, what are you waiting for, visit our Endorsement website to apply, you will be listed on our website and receive the new industry recognised RAPs logo.

Should the FAQs not answer any of your queries in relation to the QTP please contact

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