Training Provider Success Stories


Read on to find out more about two of our SkillsActive Endorsed Training Providers and their business success!

Endorsed Provider: JPilates
Joanne Cobbe, Owner

JPilates is a small team of highly qualified professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. JPilates was originally founded to address an apparent gap in the Pilates training industry – a lack of affordable accredited workshops and short training courses designed to enhance, develop and further progress knowledge gained on the Level 3 Pilates Diploma. Over the past 24 months JPilates has grown into a training provider which delivers Level 3 and 4 qualifications, CPD courses including the all Studio equipment, CPD workshops, webinars and an annual convention.

SkillsActive have been incredibly supportive and informative. The initial approval process was clearly explained and the guidance paperwork detailed all the necessary steps. The team was extremely helpful and always answered any questions quickly and clearly, and their on-going support is fantastic. The Quality Training Portal creates many sales opportunities and is easy to navigate for a potential student.

JPilates created a series of workshops which offered instructors one day CPD training to either bring more creativity and inspiration to their mat classes or deepen their knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology and clinical application of the movements. These workshops are incredibly popular and evolve each year as instructors feedback which areas and issues they would like addressed. It is so important that instructors continually revisit and further develop their knowledge and experience as the industry is evolving as new concepts and research are introduced.

For further information visit the JPilates website.

Endorsed Provider: KBT Education
Sam Dovey, Managing Director

I have had the pleasure of engaging with SkillsActive over the last four years. In that time SkillsActive has provided continual support and proactively helped KBT Education, which has contributed significantly to our success as a specialist CPD training provider across the UK and Ireland. SkillsActive has helped with everything from understanding the SkillsActive policy to marketing, always provided a first class service.

In my view, endorsement is critical to the success of CPD Training Providers in the UK. Endorsement doesn’t just mean your courses are recognised, but they are refined and meet the criteria set by SkillsActive. This ensures you provide a consistent learning experience for the student in relation to delivery and course assessment. However, it doesn’t affect your company’s ability to remain unique and differentiate itself in the marketplace.

Endorsement has made KBT Education even more successful, as it’s opened up pathways to many different areas of the fitness industry that we were not engaged in. I would recommend this to any Training Provider starting out in this arena.

KBT Education increased its profits by 20% in year one and have continued to grow 15% year on year for the last 3 years. Endorsement has been a key reason for this continued growth.

KBT Education is a UK based training organisation delivering REPs & British Weightlifting accredited courses, across the UK and Ireland. We specialise in delivering Strength and Conditioning Courses and Weightlifting and Nutrition Courses. We also are one of the original Kettlebell training course providers in the UK and remain the only original company still trading and delivering courses. We are the sole Training Provider for Strength and Conditioning to the Royal Navy and have worked with the military for the last seven years as well as other large public and private sector organisations.

Click here for further information about KBT Education

Endorsed Provider: Fit4Life

Having worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years, at Fit4Life we have always been aware of SkillsActive and the positive input they have. When we were writing our training course we wanted to be reassured that we could provide quality to instructors and ensure that the course would be interesting, fun and cover different learning requirements. SkillsActive provided us with the confidence that we were able to do this. I am still continually in contact with SkillsActive, for advice on marketing, sales and for that they understand what we need and the support required.

Fit4Life Cycling Training is an indoor heart rate based cycling class. We base our training on many years of coaching athletes and VO2 testing. The course is one day and is suitable for cycling instructors who are looking to improve and enhance their knowledge. The information gained in heart rate training is extensive, but we also ensure that there is an understanding of how cycling outside can be brought into the studio. Technique, posture and cycling terminology is an important part of the philosophy and as cycling in the UK is having such a boost, instructors need to have the knowledge to feed the participants hunger for information.

Every session is led by an interval based card, during the course instructors learn how to deliver the class reading from the card. As the sessions are interval based over a year, every four weeks the cards progress with subtle changes in the intervals which provide the class with a well balanced and effective work out which they will be able to achieve for life – Fit4Life!

Based in Oakley, Buckinghamshire, we are tutors, trainers, instructors and BC Coaches. We deliver our training throughout the UK and hopefully internationally in the near future.

We were awarded with 16 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for our training course; these points generate the right impression for FIt4Life Education and highlight to instructors that they will receive a high level of training. As we have only just started to deliver our training we cannot give an exact figure of what the SkillsActive involvement has projected our training, but on interest alone, we have been inundated with inquiries, all of which have come from being on the SkillsActive database.

Click here for further information about Fit4Life Training and Education

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