Introducing Lifetime Awarding

Lifetime Awarding LogoLifetime Awarding is an Ofqual-regulated awarding organisation with an innovative and dynamic approach. We provide a range of vocational qualifications to FE colleges, training providers and employers, enabling them to achieve their objectives by offering qualifications that are fit for purpose.

We develop off-the-shelf, customised and fully bespoke qualifications across a growing number of sectors:

Active Leisure – Business Skills – Childcare – Health and Social Care – Hospitality and Catering – IT – Preparation for Life and Work – Retail – Sales and Warehousing – Distribution.

Maintaining relevant, up to date and first class qualifications is only part of what we do at Lifetime Awarding. We’re always moving into new sectors or rapidly expanding the portfolio in our current ones.

Moving with the times

Since we are an industry-regulated body, embracing change is not just a requirement for us; we see change as an exciting challenge. Vocational education, particularly apprenticeships are quickly evolving and we’re working hard to make sure we’re at the forefront of those changes, ensuring that our customers can deliver cutting-edge, credible qualifications that really work for the sector. This is why we have such a collaborative approach to working with training providers and employers so that we can achieve the goals we set out.

When you work with Lifetime Awarding, you’re working with experts. Our External Quality Assurance Consultants (EQACs) are experts in their own field so when one of our EQACs comes to visit you, you’re in capable hands.

If you asked our customers what the best thing about working with Lifetime Awarding was, they may tell you about our competitive and transparent fees. Perhaps they may quote the dedicated support they receive through our Customer Support Coordinators or even our easy to use and intuitive online registration and certification system. One of our approved centres, Somerset College of Arts and Technology said they were particularly impressed by our two day certificate turnaround time.

Switching is simple and straightforward

We remove the hassle of switching. If you are already approved with another Ofqual-approved awarding organisation, you can send a recent EV report from the relevant sector along with your application form and we’ll get the ball rolling. Even better, there is no approval fee for providers assessed as ‘low risk’ and no annual fees to worry about.

We set out to make a difference and working in partnership with you can only extend that aim.

No quibbles, no fuss, it’s high-quality education and facilitating the learner journey that we’re more interested in.

Find out more by visiting our website, or emailing direct on


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