AO Partner Active IQ: A brief history

ACTIVE IQ strapline

Active IQ was founded in 2003, having gained the status of a QCA Approved Awarding Body for the Health and Fitness Industry. In 2008 Suzy Gunn became the company’s Executive Director and in 2003 Active IQ became an official Awarding Organisation (AO).

Active IQ’s progress from humble beginnings to the company’s current status as one of the UK’s leading Ofqual approved AOs in less than ten years can be attributed to a rigorous adherence to clearly defined mission statement and values.

The company always aimed to be the industry’s AO of choice – prioritising five key attributes that have come to define the company’s business ethos:

Creativity: The commitment to applying new ideas and concepts to push the boundaries of education and innovation. Active IQ knows that the Active Leisure sector is dynamic by nature, and understands the importance of being able to develop new qualifications to suit emergent industry disciplines

Responsivity: The ability to react to suggestions and influences. Just as the company needs to be innovative, it also needs to be responsive and reactive to sector suggestions and influences

Professionalism: An enduring commitment toward conforming to and applying ethical standards to all of its work

Support: Proactively providing assistance with a positive and friendly attitude; never underestimating the value and productivity of optimism and advice.

Flexibility: A willingness to accommodate change to meet the needs of our customers.

Now in its eleventh year, the qualifications that the company design support clearly defined vocational and educational pathways. As a means to provide students with the best possible learning experience, the company strives to offer Training Providers the best possible structures and resources to deliver Active IQ qualifications.

Active IQ offer in excess of 100 accredited qualifications from QCF Levels 1-4, and Key Skills Levels 1-2, with over 550 approved training providers offering Active IQ qualifications both nationally and internationally.

Over the last few years, the ethos and experience has led the company into new areas. In addition to qualification provision for the active leisure sector, the company has begun to place greater emphasis upon vocational education across all sectors, in a bid to address the employment skills gap in the UK. Central to this was the launch of the Active IQ one-stop-shop apprenticeship solution, and a series of qualifications aimed at encouraging employers, and educators, to up-skill the next generation of workplace workers.

Of course, Active Leisure will continue to play a huge part in the company’s growth – something demonstrated by the roaring success of the inaugural Active Leisure Awards in 2013. The event, organised by Active IQ, was an opportunity for sector training providers to be part of a celebration of best practice within the industry and to get recognition for great work. Conceived as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations, the event will now be a regular event on the Active IQ calendar.

For more information please visit the Active IQ website.


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