2014 Makeover For Quality Training Portal


Keep your eyes open for some fantastic changes to the Quality Training Portal! SkillsActive is currently working on an exciting facelift and is investing significantly in upgrading the system to increase the visibility of Training Providers and the Endorsed Training they offer. This will increase traffic to the site with the aim of generating greater numbers of business referrals for our Endorsed Training Providers.

Since the Quality Training Portal superseded the old REPs portal in the summer of 2013, we have gathered feedback from a number of its users, both Register members and Endorsed Training Providers. As a result of this feedback we have upgraded the search functionality and made temporary changes to the front of the site. In coming months we will be working to improve the user journey, giving the system a fresh look and improving the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We may need your help to populate and edit your own sections of the site, so watch out for our emails about the upgrade. We’ll let you know when you should expect to see a different system, but please bear with us while we implement these exciting changes.

Click here to visit the Quality Training Portal today!

For further information please read our SkillsActive Quality Training Portal FAQs however, should you require any additional assistance with the Quality Training Portal and listing your Endorsed Training, please feel free to give us a call on 0207 632 2913.

Click here for further information on the latest SkillsActive Training dates.

If you have any questions for the Endorsement Panel/Endorsement Team or would like to contribute content for future newsletters please email endorsement@skillsactive.com

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