What’s on? Conferences and events

The Endorsement team is looking forward to attending some great  events this year and would love to see any of our Endorsed Providers there, so please let us know if you would like to say hello!

Move It

7th – 9th March London Olympia

Move IT is the UK’s leading annual dance event which attracts over 20,000 visitors each year. Please click here for more information.

28th – 30th March London Old Billingsgate

Be:Fit London is the only event dedicated to offering women the long term   tools to be strong, fit and healthy. Please click here for more information.


3rd – 6th April Cologne, Germany, Exhibition Centre

With over 30,000 visitors and more than 140 exhibitors, FIBO Power is Europe’s  meeting point for the Bodybuilding, Weight Training and Martial Arts Community.  Please click here for more information.

BP16th – 18THth May NEC Birmingham

BodyPower is the fastest growing consumer exhibition in Europe, attracting tens of thousands of health and fitness enthusiasts from around the globe. Please click here for more information.


Quality Training Portal tip of the month

In the coming months we will be giving you top tips which will help get your training noticed on the SkillsActive Quality Training Portal. This month is all about scheduling.

We highly recommend that  you add a schedule for your training.  By adding a  schedule it will allow users to see when and where your training is taking place and to make a direct enquiry to you about it – providing you with business referrals.

How to  add a schedule-

–          Once logged in, click SCHEDULE on the left hand toolbar

–          Select NEW EVENT

–          Select your TRAINING, REFERENCE (if applicable), VENUE, START DATE and END DATE*

–          Click YES to agree to charges (if applicable) – licence holders are able to list schedules as a part of their licence fee. Single endorsed providers will incur a charge of £10 per scheduled event listed.


*For training without a defined start and end date (e.g. online learning), please add the start date of your Endorsement and its expiry date – these can be found on your approval/renewal letter.

Look out for our  top tips each month to help you get the most out of the Quality Training Portal and maximise your training.

Keeping us up to date

As anyone maintaining a customer database knows, it’s only as good as the information in it, and that information needs to be up to date.  You can help us maintain our database for the Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being sector by making sure you keep us informed of any changes to key members of staff who have an interest in our sector and the services we offer.  You can also help to ensure that our Endorsement newsletter is reaching the right people by sending us the name, position and email address of anyone in your organisation you think should be receiving a copy – just send the details to endorsement@skillsactive.com and we will check them against our database to make sure they are included.

New training for Endorsement

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Post Endorsement Power Up Workshop Update:

We are pleased to announce the first dates for this essential workshop for endorsed providers and details of how to book.

Our workshops will be taking place on Friday 28th March and 21st May at the SkillsActive head office in London. We are also looking to run an event in the north so please let us know if you would be interested by emailing endorsement@skillsactive.com.

Our Post Endorsement Power Up workshop is for endorsed providers to help you set up and market your training. The session will support you in planning, marketing, social media and making the most of the SkillsActive Quality Training Portal.

This workshop is free for any license holders and £30 +VAT for any individual endorsed providers.

The day will consist of sessions around how to upload your training to the Quality Training Portal to help market to sector professionals, planning your calendar and tips for social media and other ways to get bums on seats!

Kick start your training with these support and networking days to help get you started and ensure a return on your investment!

We currently have two session dates available.

Friday 28th March – click here for full details of the day and how to book.

Wednesday 21st May – click here for full details of the day and how to book.

Changes to CPD Points

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CPD Points allocation update:

We have recently made some changes to the allocation of CPD points for Workshops. We thought this would be a perfect time to remind you of the CPD point allocation system along with this change, in order to clarify how CPD points are allocated and the categories.

With the new Quality Training Portal (QTP) we can see many variations on the number of points allocated and ask all licensed Training Providers to check that the correct points have been awarded (this is not necessary for Single Endorsements as the points have been set by the evaluator).  If you need to change the points listed you can do this on the QTP and submit for approval.  If you require new CPD point logos please contact endorsement@skillsactive.com.

Training Providers with an ‘Other’ licence can only run ‘Other’ training.

Other is for conferences, books (reading), seminars and master-classes.  These can last an hour  or more.  1 hour will give 1 CPD point, 2 hours will give 2 CPD points, 3 hours or more can only give the maximum of 3 CPD points.

Training Providers with a ‘Workshop’ licence can run ‘Other’ training and Workshops.

Workshops must be a minimum of 4 hours.  4 hours will give 4 CPD points, 5 hours will give 5 CPD point, 6 hours or more can only give the maximum of 6 CPD points.

Training Providers with a full ‘Course’ licence can run Other, Workshop and Course training.

Courses must be a minimum of 8 hours and require a formal assessment.  8 hours will give 8 CPD points; the points will then increase 1 CPD point for each hour up to the maximum of 16 CPD points.

We are happy to help you with any questions you have about Endorsement and CPD points.  If you would like to contact us please email endorsement@skillsactive.com or call 020 7632 2006.


CPD  Points Guidelines



1 – 3 point maximumPrinciple: learner attendance at ‘events’ by SkillsActive endorsed provider A minimum of 1 hours learning such as conferences, book reading, seminars, master-classes


4 -6 point maximumPrinciple: learner participation in knowledge and skills training by SkillsActive endorsed provider A minimum of 4 hours training


8 – 16 point maximumPrinciple: learner participation in knowledge and skills training and assessment by SkillsActive endorsed provider A minimum of 8 hours training with formal assessment.

HIT/HITT Guidelines

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New High Intensity/High Intensity Interval Training (HIT/HIIT) Endorsement guidelines:

It’s always exciting to have new training formats arrive in the fitness market and SkillsActive welcomes training in these areas for CPD Endorsement.

HIT/HIIT course and assessment guidelines

SkillsActive recognises the need to allow for flexibility in the design and assessment of endorsed training programmes. However, we consider some training programmes need to be delivered in a course format as the technical knowledge being taught has not been covered in the qualification framework.  Therefore, there is a need to ensure depth of knowledge is sufficiently covered and competence of this new skill is assessed.

Course design and content

Training programmes that include elements of HIT/HIIT (or derivative of), either as their sole theme or as a part of the programme must be presented as a Course and not a Workshop (8 guided learning hours including assessment).

Course learning objectives must explicitly cover guidelines on gathering client information (screening), risk assessment and client safety.

High level practical teaching skills are needed for anyone teaching HIT/HIIT programmes. Practical teaching workshops must therefore be included within the delivery of the course.

Assessment processes

HIT/HIIT training programmes must contain appropriate continuous or summative assessment.

Guidelines for assessment criteria

The following must be assessed:

  • Risk assessment
  • Screening
  • Teaching skills (observation, monitoring intensity, alternatives (progression/regression), motivation, client care etc.)
  • Instructor technique and demonstration
  • Session design

External Quality Assurance

An EQA visit will be arranged shortly after Endorsement to quality assure the training.