HIT/HITT Guidelines

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New High Intensity/High Intensity Interval Training (HIT/HIIT) Endorsement guidelines:

It’s always exciting to have new training formats arrive in the fitness market and SkillsActive welcomes training in these areas for CPD Endorsement.

HIT/HIIT course and assessment guidelines

SkillsActive recognises the need to allow for flexibility in the design and assessment of endorsed training programmes. However, we consider some training programmes need to be delivered in a course format as the technical knowledge being taught has not been covered in the qualification framework.  Therefore, there is a need to ensure depth of knowledge is sufficiently covered and competence of this new skill is assessed.

Course design and content

Training programmes that include elements of HIT/HIIT (or derivative of), either as their sole theme or as a part of the programme must be presented as a Course and not a Workshop (8 guided learning hours including assessment).

Course learning objectives must explicitly cover guidelines on gathering client information (screening), risk assessment and client safety.

High level practical teaching skills are needed for anyone teaching HIT/HIIT programmes. Practical teaching workshops must therefore be included within the delivery of the course.

Assessment processes

HIT/HIIT training programmes must contain appropriate continuous or summative assessment.

Guidelines for assessment criteria

The following must be assessed:

  • Risk assessment
  • Screening
  • Teaching skills (observation, monitoring intensity, alternatives (progression/regression), motivation, client care etc.)
  • Instructor technique and demonstration
  • Session design

External Quality Assurance

An EQA visit will be arranged shortly after Endorsement to quality assure the training.


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