Quality Training Portal tip of the month

In the coming months we will be giving you top tips which will help get your training noticed on the SkillsActive Quality Training Portal. This month is all about scheduling.

We highly recommend that  you add a schedule for your training.  By adding a  schedule it will allow users to see when and where your training is taking place and to make a direct enquiry to you about it – providing you with business referrals.

How to  add a schedule-

–          Once logged in, click SCHEDULE on the left hand toolbar

–          Select NEW EVENT

–          Select your TRAINING, REFERENCE (if applicable), VENUE, START DATE and END DATE*

–          Click YES to agree to charges (if applicable) – licence holders are able to list schedules as a part of their licence fee. Single endorsed providers will incur a charge of £10 per scheduled event listed.


*For training without a defined start and end date (e.g. online learning), please add the start date of your Endorsement and its expiry date – these can be found on your approval/renewal letter.

Look out for our  top tips each month to help you get the most out of the Quality Training Portal and maximise your training.

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