Training Provider Success Stories: How The Fit Box gained SkillsActive endorsement

Fit Box

THE FIT BOX is a SkillsActive endorsed professional training academy, currently delivering a REPs accredited CPD programme to existing exercise professionals wishing to develop specialist skills related to small group and personal training. We deliver a range of development seminars, workshops and courses, providing education solutions for health clubs, gyms, equipment manufacture’s and independent trainers.

Being a club owner gave me a new perspective on the fitness industry and the education available to those who promote and prescribe exercise. With this in mind, I was motivated to explore the possibility of developing a programme of fitness education and training, built on the strong values, philosophy and experience I have established during my own time as a fitness professional.

Endorsement from SkillsActive demonstrates a commitment to education and excellence from the Training Provider, and offers the student a product with global credibility and value. This was something I was keen to align the academy with from the outset.

I opted to complete the application whilst simultaneously writing my first CPD programme, Small Group Training. This was a significant task and would certainly have overwhelmed me had it not been for the support given throughout the process by the team at SkillsActive. They were available for guidance, questions and advice and the excellent resource bundle gave my application purpose and direction, providing the best possible foundation on which to build the administrative and operational components of the academy.

Post learning from ‘Evaluator 8’ that I had gained approval for the academy, this pro-active relationship with SkillsActive has continued to enable me to develop my programme. A recent Small Group Training course was selected for External Quality Assurance.  This meant that an EQA would observe and evaluate every element of the course and student experience. The result of this was some excellent practical feedback on how I can ensure the high standards I aim for are met and advice even on how I can exceed these.

I believe that what we do as fitness professionals is a team game, and I feel lucky to have SkillsActive on mine.


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