Make sure you understand the prerequisites required for all endorsed fitness CPD programmes….

All fitness CDP training must have prerequisites.  For new CPD Endorsement submissions, the technical evaluator will have confirmed the required prerequisite at the approval stage; however Training Provider Licence holders need to understand the professional register structure and roles in order to allocate the correct prerequisite when uploading new training to the QTP.  The rules are:

1 If there is a QCF qualification in the type of activity you are designing CPD for and this qualification is a category on the REPs register, this will be required as a prerequisite.  There are no short cuts to taking a recognised qualification.

2 If the CPD training crosses over two disciplines and the above applies for both, then two prerequisites will be required.

REPs example: Water Aerobics for Ante and Post Natal CPD

The prerequisite for this will be Level 2 Water Based Fitness and the QFC Ante and Post Natal Qualification.

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