Do you hold a licence for endorsement? Not any more!

The Professional Development team recently canvassed a number of training providers to gain their views on the terminology we use to describe our Multiple Endorsement products, looking at the Training Provider Licence and our range of Fitness Course/Workshop and Other Licences.

The consensus was that the term licence conflicts with the way training providers use it within their own context, and they were all in favour of a change.

So from now on, for Multiple Endorsement providers within the fitness sector, the changes will be as follows:

  • Fitness Course Licence >> Multiple Course Endorsement
  • Fitness Workshop Licence >> Multiple Workshop Endorsement
  • Fitness Other Licence >> Multiple Other Endorsement.

For those outside the fitness sector – playwork, sport, outdoors, caravanning, hair and beauty – the changes are as follows:

  • Training Provider Licence >> Multiple Training Endorsement (ex Fitness)

Please note that it is only the titles that have changed – the terms and the process for Multiple Endorsement remain the same.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on 0207 840 1900 or email


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