SkillsActive’s Professional Development Panel meets to discuss latest endorsement issues

Mandatory NOS for High Risk or High Intensity/Interval Training (HIT/HIIT) in Fitness

As already notified to our Endorsed Providers, training programmes that require competencies not covered in National Occupational Standards (NOS) or include elements of HIT/HIIT require stronger and consistent guidelines than regular programmes. This includes training involving equipment or aspects of the following that are not covered in the pre-requisite qualification: kettlebells, suspension training, ViPr, Powerbags, Bulgarian Bags and so on. Higher level practical teaching skills are also required.

Therefore a number of NOS have been selected to be mandatory to ensure that these areas are covered for endorsed Courses:

D454 Instruct and Supervise Gym-based Exercise (group) (teaching groups)

452.1 Prepare clients for gym-based group exercise;

452.2 Instruct gym-based group exercise;

452.3 Observe and supervise gym-based group exercise;

452.4 bring a gym-based group exercise session to an end.

D454 Instruct and Supervise Gym-based Exercise (delivering high intensity training);

452.2.4: Observe the clients during exercises and monitor intensity;

452.2.5: Ensure that clients carry out exercises in a safe and effective manner.

D461 Deliver Exercise and Physical Activity as part of a Personal Training Programme (utilitising specialist equipment)

461.3.8: Observe and analyse clients’ performance, providing positive reinforcement throughout;

461.3.9: Correct techniques at appropriate points;

461.3.10: Progress or regress exercises according to your clients’ performance.

Providers submitted an application in this area will be required to use our toolkits to show their mapping to these NOS, which are available here.

If you have a question about endorsement that you would like to put to the Professional Development Panel at their next meeting in April, contact


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