Increase your endorsed training portfolio


SkillsActive Quality Assurers have found that instructors who have enjoyed our endorsed continuing professional development (CPD) programmes often ask ‘what other programmes do you offer?’ If you have just one CPD programme then you could be missing out.

Many learners complete CPD programmes and leave the day buzzing with new ideas and knowledge, and wanting more.

With over 450 Endorsed Providers offering only one CPD programme, there is a big opportunity for providers to build on the educational relationship they have created with their learners by adding to their CPD portfolio. Offering two or more programmes has been shown to retain customer loyalty, attract referral leads and increase revenue.

If you are currently offering only one CPD programme, SkillsActive is giving you the chance to expand your CPD programmes AND claim an extra three month endorsement period for free.

Single Endorsed Providers who successfully apply for an additional Course (£400+VAT) or Workshop (£200+VAT) endorsement before 30 July 2015 will be given a free three month extension to their new endorsement period.

To take advantage of this offer, contact Stafford Baxter on 020 7840 1932 or email him on


A free audit can help you save costs!

ActiveAdvantage Logo

ActiveAdvantage is a membership scheme that costs nothing but could prove financially rewarding – who could resist an offer like that?

When was the last time your business reviewed your energy costs? Is the tariff you are on the best for your business? Many businesses pay too much for their electricity and gas and paying less needn’t always involve switching supplier and isn’t a painful process. This is an area where our ActiveAdvantage brokers have already helped a number of organisations:

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“We hadn’t considered using a broker to help us purchase our energy contracts before but I met Gerard at a networking event and though I’d try his business out. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to engage the services of Utilitrack; I only needed to provide a copy of my latest gas and electricity bills. Gerard’s accounts team renewed both our gas and electricity contracts with our current provider and saved us money. As a result of engaging Utilitrack, which didn’t cost us anything, our gas bill is 19% lower and we are paying 28% less for our electricity. I’ve started recommending Gerard to my clients.” James Leo, AvecSys

Visit the ActiveAdvantage website and read how you could save money on print and design, card processing, direct debiting, telecoms, utility bills or insurance. There are no fees and our helpful team will be more than happy to talk you through the process.

Intellectual property ownership for Endorsed Providers

Intellectual propertyOne of the key elements of endorsement is the protection of the learner. By taking on the quality assurance of training in our sectors, SkillsActive also takes on the responsibility for the learner’s satisfaction with the training they have undertaken. Because of this we require that any training that we endorse is the intellectual property of the Endorsed Provider and not a third party.

If you haven’t created your training yourself, you must provide a signed and dated statement transferring the intellectual property to you either when you submit for endorsement or upload new training to the Quality Training Portal under a Multiple Endorsement.

For full details of our intellectual property requirements, including third parties delivering your endorsed training, see our Complete Guide for Endorsement.

REPs roadshows 2015

REPs logo Nov 2011

REPs is running a number of roadshows across the country which are open to REPs and non-REPs members.

The REPs roadshows are a chance for fitness professions to take part in three workshops run by Endorsed Providers for just £25 for the whole day. The next ones are in June and run throughout the year until November – full information and booking details here.

Please let your students know that they can take part in these days, and if you would like to find out more about taking part as a provider in next year’s roadshows, contact REPs on 020 7840 1919.

Requirements for tutor and assessor teams delivering endorsed training

Are your tutors and assessors members of a suitable professional register?

Members of a professional register have shown that they have achieved a certain level of qualification as dictated by that register.

For endorsement purposes, we require that all tutors and assessors (apart from tutors in higher education) must be a member of a relevant register – for example, for training specific to health and fitness, this must be the Register of Exercise Professionals. For training that is cross sector rather than sector specific, such as management or accounting, we require the tutor and assessor to be members of the registers relevant to these areas.

Please check your delivery teams to make sure your tutors and assessors are members of a relevant professional register.

For details of SkillsActive’s professional registers, please visit our website.

Please note that failure to adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Endorsement and our Code of Practice for Training Providers could result in a sanction and possibly incur a fee.

Are your tutors and assessors qualified for their roles?

If either your tutor or assessor has not achieved a tutor or assessing qualification, they must attend one of our workshops.

Our tutor and assessor one-day workshops are part-mapped to national occupational standards and give the learner the tools needed to deliver or assess endorsed training programmes. This is the bare minimum that we will accept for endorsement, so if you have changed your delivery team during your endorsement period, please check that their qualifications conform to our requirements.

The full qualifications that we accept for endorsed training are as follows.

Tutors are required to possess at least one of the following:

  • Teacher training qualification (Undergrad/Postgrad)
  • Accredited Institution PG Cert in teaching and supporting learning (e.g. HEA UKPSF)
  • PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector)
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF)
  • SkillsActive tutor training workshop

Assessors are required to possess at least one of the following:

  • Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement (QCF)
  • Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment (QCF)
  • Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (QCF)
  • A1/A2 (previously D32, D33)
  • Relevant predecessor NQF assessor qualifications
  • SkillsActive assessor training workshop

If any of your team needs to take part in one of our workshops, visit our website to book on our June training days.

Please note that failure to adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Endorsement and our Code of Practice for Training Providers could result in a sanction and possibly incur a fee.

Temporary halt on endorsing nutrition based CPD


There has been an increasing amount of material published relating to fitness and nutrition, which has led to an influx of CPD submission enquiries for Level 3 Personal Trainers which we have been unable to endorse.

In accordance with the REPs Occupational Descriptor, Level 3 Personal Trainers should not provide prescriptive nutritional advice or develop bespoke individualised nutrition plans for clients and so we have made a decision to look to other governing bodies to assist in the endorsement of these programmes.

For those providers who would like to have their nutritional training endorsed, watch this space for more news in early September.

For our Endorsed Providers who have a current nutrition based endorsement which comes up for renewal before the new system is in place, your renewal will be deferred until the new endorsement process is available.

For more information regarding the limitations around nutritional training for fitness professionals, visit the REPs website.

Endorsement terminology

There’s a lot of terminology to contend with when talking about endorsement, not least about what is getting endorsed – is it a course or workshop, an award or diploma, a qualification or CPD? Is it accredited or endorsed?

To provide some clarity we thought we would put together a short glossary:


A qualification is created by fully mapping the learning to a set of national occupational standards, which are the standards that determine what a person needs to know in order to do a particular job. Qualifications are accredited through an Awarding Organisation – for instance, CYQ, Cache, City & Guilds – to ensure they are fit for purpose. Accredited qualifications sit on the Qualifications & Credit Framework (QCF).

If you want to deliver qualifications, you must first become approved as a centre for one of the Awarding Organisations – talk to a few before deciding which one you want to go for.

QCF Verification

This is our endorsement product for training providers approved as a centre to deliver qualifications on behalf of a particular Awarding Organisation.  The qualifications are accredited by the AO so we are not endorsing them, but our approval shows that the provider themselves has achieve endorsement.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

CPD is training that is designed to build on the knowledge gained through a qualification. CPD does not sit on any qualification framework. Unless endorsed by SkillsActive, CPD cannot be relied upon to be fit for the industry. Endorsed CPD has gone through SkillsActive’s quality assurance process, giving piece of mind to learners. Should there be a problem with the CPD, SkillsActive fulfils the same role as an Awarding Organisation protecting learners taking their qualifications, in that the learner can come to us to act on their behalf should they have a complaint against an Endorsed Provider.

Course, Workshop, Other

For the purpose of endorsement, we endorse three categories of endorsement: Course, which must be at least 8 hours long, have a mandatory assessment, and part-map to relevant national occupational standards; Workshop, which must be at least 4 hours long, but doesn’t have to map or have an assessment; and Other, which essentially is anything that delivers professional development that isn’t a Course or a Workshop – for instance, reading material, conferences, podcasts, presentations.


These are terms that are associated with qualifications and indicate the level of knowledge and understanding learnt.


Awarding Organisations accredit qualifications, SkillsActive endorses CPD.

Opportunities for Strength and Conditioning at Level 4


Are you currently delivering continuing professional development (CPD) in Strength & Conditioning, or thinking about branching into this area? If so, you will probably be interested to hear that the new National Occupational Standards give you the opportunity to create a Level 4 Award in Strength & Conditioning.

SkillsActive offers a third route for approving awards at Level 4 in fitness (REPs), so is able to confer the status of qualification on this award. Successfully achieving the Level 4 award will enable REPs members to gain a higher category on the Register of Exercise Professionals, and will allow you to offer 20 CPD points to your learners.

To become endorsed at Level 4, you must fully map to the standards and submit a range of evidence. Endorsement is for two years, and costs £2000+VAT*.

To view the evidence criteria and start your application, visit our website. For more information, contact

*If you are a higher education institution looking to embed Level 4 into your degree programme, the cost is £950+VAT; to deliver to students external to your degree endorsement will be £2000+VAT. For more information visit our website.

New developments in the QTP


We’re continually looking at how we can improve the Quality Training Portal for both our Endorsed Providers and potential learners viewing the site.  We have recently completed a raft of developments designed to enhance the system:

Price on Application

Previously the only option for pricing was to stipulate a figure – difficult for those with a fluid pricing structure – so now we have a POA option too.

Please contact us for directly for training dates

We realised that the previous statement that appeared when no dates were scheduled for training – ‘There are currently no events scheduled for this course’ – wasn’t giving the right message so have replaced it with an invitation to enquire further.

Scheduling filter

We have introduced a filter system so that you can now sort your list of approved training in the ‘back-end’, with the default set to show all training that is running presently or in the future. This means that expired training is no longer mixed in with the current training.

Mandatory fields

To ensure that the content of the training on the QTP is full and relevant for potential learners, we have made mandatory the following fields: short description, content, pre-requisite, contact details.

CPD calculations

To assist you to calculate your CPD points we have added a help button next to the CPD box.

Bulk uploads

If you have a large number of training programmes to upload, you can now do this by simply filling in our bulk upload spreadsheet with all the detail that you are required to provide by going to the usual upload form on the website. The first 10 are free to upload but any part of 10 additional programmes will incur a fee of £50+VAT.

Future developments

If you have any recommendations that we can consider for further development, please do let us know.