New developments in the QTP


We’re continually looking at how we can improve the Quality Training Portal for both our Endorsed Providers and potential learners viewing the site.  We have recently completed a raft of developments designed to enhance the system:

Price on Application

Previously the only option for pricing was to stipulate a figure – difficult for those with a fluid pricing structure – so now we have a POA option too.

Please contact us for directly for training dates

We realised that the previous statement that appeared when no dates were scheduled for training – ‘There are currently no events scheduled for this course’ – wasn’t giving the right message so have replaced it with an invitation to enquire further.

Scheduling filter

We have introduced a filter system so that you can now sort your list of approved training in the ‘back-end’, with the default set to show all training that is running presently or in the future. This means that expired training is no longer mixed in with the current training.

Mandatory fields

To ensure that the content of the training on the QTP is full and relevant for potential learners, we have made mandatory the following fields: short description, content, pre-requisite, contact details.

CPD calculations

To assist you to calculate your CPD points we have added a help button next to the CPD box.

Bulk uploads

If you have a large number of training programmes to upload, you can now do this by simply filling in our bulk upload spreadsheet with all the detail that you are required to provide by going to the usual upload form on the website. The first 10 are free to upload but any part of 10 additional programmes will incur a fee of £50+VAT.

Future developments

If you have any recommendations that we can consider for further development, please do let us know.

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