A free audit can help you save costs!

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ActiveAdvantage is a membership scheme that costs nothing but could prove financially rewarding – who could resist an offer like that?

When was the last time your business reviewed your energy costs? Is the tariff you are on the best for your business? Many businesses pay too much for their electricity and gas and paying less needn’t always involve switching supplier and isn’t a painful process. This is an area where our ActiveAdvantage brokers have already helped a number of organisations:

“When I heard that Energie had partnered with Utilitrack to make sure that I had the opportunity to benchmark my energy spend I was intrigued to learn more. I called Nick at Utilitrack and with very little effort from me he got in touch with my energy suppliers and then arranged a competitive price tender across the whole of the market, including my existing supplier, to make sure I could benefit from the ‘win’ rate and not just the ‘renewal’ rate. I saved 23% on my gas bill and 36% on my electricity bill. I urge any member clubs to do the same thing!” Andy Ingham, Manager at Fitness 4 Less, Canterbury

“We hadn’t considered using a broker to help us purchase our energy contracts before but I met Gerard at a networking event and though I’d try his business out. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to engage the services of Utilitrack; I only needed to provide a copy of my latest gas and electricity bills. Gerard’s accounts team renewed both our gas and electricity contracts with our current provider and saved us money. As a result of engaging Utilitrack, which didn’t cost us anything, our gas bill is 19% lower and we are paying 28% less for our electricity. I’ve started recommending Gerard to my clients.” James Leo, AvecSys

Visit the ActiveAdvantage website and read how you could save money on print and design, card processing, direct debiting, telecoms, utility bills or insurance. There are no fees and our helpful team will be more than happy to talk you through the process.


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