Requirements for tutor and assessor teams delivering endorsed training

Are your tutors and assessors members of a suitable professional register?

Members of a professional register have shown that they have achieved a certain level of qualification as dictated by that register.

For endorsement purposes, we require that all tutors and assessors (apart from tutors in higher education) must be a member of a relevant register – for example, for training specific to health and fitness, this must be the Register of Exercise Professionals. For training that is cross sector rather than sector specific, such as management or accounting, we require the tutor and assessor to be members of the registers relevant to these areas.

Please check your delivery teams to make sure your tutors and assessors are members of a relevant professional register.

For details of SkillsActive’s professional registers, please visit our website.

Please note that failure to adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Endorsement and our Code of Practice for Training Providers could result in a sanction and possibly incur a fee.

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