Set your deadlines to gain Single Endorsement

Endorsed Provider 0314

Whenever you take on a project, it’s always good to set milestones with a deadline to help keep you on track and the same goes for gaining approval for your training through SkillsActive.

After an initial successful pilot, we have put together a process for new, small providers where we can help you set your milestones to endorsement, with a little carrot to ease you on your way!

By paying upfront, you can save by committing to submit your Course or Workshop within 3 months:

Single Endorsement:

  • FREE call from one of our Support Consultants to make sure you know what is required and how to achieve it*
  • 25% off the Resource Bundle**
  • 10% off any Training Days required for your submission

The 3 month period will start from the day of the consultancy call; if the deadline for submission is missed, you will lose your submission fee and will be required to resubmit.

If you would like further information, please contact us on 020 7840 1911 or email

* You may be advised to take up the full consultancy service, which would incur a charge and may mean your deadline is extended.
** Normally £252 including VAT. You will be emailed the bundle to help you complete your application after your payment has been received.

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