SkillsActive helps set a Guinness World Record with British Military Fitness!


Tom and Jacqui were delighted to be invited by British Military Fitness to take part in their record attempt for jump squatting on National Outdoor Fitness Day, in order to achieve an entry in the Guinness Book of Records! Jacqui got into the swing of things by sporting her BMF tee-shirt and she and Tom joined the other 370 odd participants all ready for action on Wandsworth Common on 30 May.

After the Guinness World Record was set – a total of 378 people performing the exercise for one minute – the participants were then invited to get involved in The Biggest Ever BMF Session for free, which was also held on the common. The British Military Fitness initiative also raised money for The Royal British Legion, a charity that provides help and welfare to the serving and ex-service British Armed Forces community and their families.

The aim of National Outdoor Fitness Day, which was established by BMF last year, is to increase awareness of the various benefits of exercising outdoors and to encourage people of all ages to get off the sofa and enjoy some physical activity in the fresh air; whether it’s a walk around the park, a bike ride or a group activity such as a British Military Fitness class. Physical activity in the great outdoors has been proven to have many benefits, such as burning up to 30 per cent more calories than doing the same workout indoors. It can also help to reduce anxiety and depression, enhance your mood and improve self-worth and body image.

Harry Sowerby, Founder and Managing Director of British Military Fitness, commented: “We are absolutely delighted that we are able to hold the Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously doing jump squats for 60 seconds. It has been a fantastic and fun way to celebrate this year’s National Outdoor Fitness Day, whilst still following the BMF ethos of promoting the fantastic benefits of exercising outdoors. It was also great to see support from SkillsActive and ukactive, who came down and helped with the challenge.”

“After sixteen years of BMF, we are still very passionate about what we do and breaking a Guinness World Record, followed by The Biggest Ever BMF Session was a great way to recognise and thank our member community, as well as encourage others to experience the benefits of outdoor group exercise. The initiative was a great success and was incredible to be a part of.”

To find out more about British Military Fitness, please visit

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