Keeping pole fitness safe

The Professional Development team was delighted to be asked recently to help spread the word about the work going on to safeguard those in the pole industry:


The pole dance/fitness industry is ever growing and is now as popular as any other fitness regime, with classes being held in most gyms and studios across the world. Pole fitness has positioned itself as one of the best fitness activities amongst men and women. But with the industry becoming so popular it was apparent that some form of regulation was needed.

The PoleSafe Federation was created out of the need and desire to keep the industry safe. Pole fitness is a fun way to keep fit however it takes skill and training to become an instructor.  The pole industry is now being driven by the desire to get that next trick and not by safety. With this shift in student and instructors’ wishing to move quickly through tricks, skip some ‘boring’ ones and move to the hardest as quick as possible, the industry is being damaged and safety disregarded.

The PoleSafe team felt that the entire industry needs to all work hard to keep pole safe and the risk of injuries to students and instructors to the minimum.

As an industry we do not have any regulatory body to oversee and advise Pole instructors. So with the support of SkillsActive and the Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership, The PoleSafe Federation has created a website which allows the industry to come together. No matter what type of pole you practise, PoleSafe is a resource group run by some of the most knowledgeable instructors and trainers in the industry.  As an instructor/event/studio or product you can apply to become a PoleSafe member and receive a huge amount of helpful resources on how to safely and effectively run your business within the industry.

On the 29th January the PoleSafe Federation held its first FREE open seminar where it had lectures on Accounting, Marketing, Social Media to name a few.  Over 80 individual studios and instructors from across the UK and Europe attended the full day, learning and discussing the future of the pole industry. Many conversations were had regarding the safety of the industry and the importance of education, correct insurance and being fitness trained.

This was the first step for the pole industry to really group together and progress our own future. The event was a huge success and we plan to have more in the future.

If you would like to become a PoleSafe Federation member please see our website


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