Implementing Prevent

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 has introduced the Prevent Duty for various bodies including all FE colleges, adult education providers and independent learning providers with SFA funding or with over 250 students enrolled.

The Prevent duty requires all FE and training providers to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism” (Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015). This is part of the Safeguarding duty for providers but one that extends to all learners of all age groups and also staff.

A recent government press release explains that ‘due regard’ includes preventing extremists from seeking to radicalise learners and supporting those learners perceived to be at risk of extremist influences.

Ofsted has responsibility for monitoring how well the duty is being implemented and has raised concerns in a recent report about the Prevent duty in some quarters.  A specific recommendation from the report is that providers should be better aware of the support The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) can offer.”

Ofsted’s report also said: “some providers viewed the duty as a list of conditions just to comply with and have adopted a ‘tick-box’ approach. This goes against the spirit of the government’s guidance, which seeks to promote meaningful ways to reduce the specific risks of radicalisation and extremism for learners and the local community”…” there was a tendency to be over-reliant on online training packages. These packages provided only a basic awareness and understanding of ‘Prevent’. Little thought was given to extra or bespoke training for staff”… “Providers now must work more quickly to ensure that learners are protected against the threats of radicalisation and extremism.”

SkillsActive would like to offer ETF training at our London office in the near future so if you are interested in attending let us know below. Once we have sufficient interest we will be able to contact you with dates.






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