Pricing on the QTP


We have recently changed our approval process on the Quality Training Portal so that all training must show either a price or POA (price on application).

This is in response to feedback from users of the site who felt that no price at all implies a free programme.

As part of our regular housekeeping on the site, we will be asking all providers who have £0.00 as a price to either insert a price or amend to POA by Wednesday 21 September.

After that date, any training showing £0.00 will be made inactive.

If you have any questions about this process please contact





AfN endorsed so what now?

As you will know, last year the Professional Development team decided to remove nutritional programmes from our endorsement process. This was because we felt that such a specialised topic should be dealt with by a dedicated organisation, and we have therefore been working with the Association for Nutrition (AfN) to bring this about.

After a successful pilot, the first AfN endorsed programmes are coming through. So if you have been endorsed by AfN, what now?

Well, simply put the programmes through the Quality Training Portal in the usual way if you have a Multiple Endorsement, or, if you are operating under Single Endorsements, submit it through the Single Course submission form, where you will be able to bypass the normal evidence requirements.

In both cases, you must send through your official endorsement confirmation from AfN to Nothing can be endorsed without it!

If you have any questions, please contact the Professional Development team on 0203 434 4384 or

S&C Education leads the way

S&C education

Brendan Chaplin, CEO and Founder of Strength & Conditioning Education, has recently received approval from SkillsActive for his Level 4 Award in Strength and Conditioning:

“S&C Education has been developing coaches capable of working within elite sports since 2010 through our Mentorship programme, conferences, coaching workshops and more.

Most recently we have become the very first Endorsed Provider of the Level 4 Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Award through SkillsActive. This is a part of the industry that will continue to expand rapidly over the coming years, and we are extremely proud and excited that the wealth of experience and expertise of our team will be leading the way to develop the S&C leaders of the future.

Since obtaining our endorsement, we have received hundreds of enquiries, including many through the SkillsActive Quality Training Portal, which is an excellent indication that the industry is craving this qualification.

The endorsement process was extremely thorough which will ensure that the highest quality is maintained, meaning that successful graduates will be perfectly placed to become confident and competent S&C Coaches – capable of excelling in any environment.
The support we received from SkillsActive throughout the application process, and since the approval, has been commendable. We are absolutely delighted to be working with them to provide such a well devised qualification that will certainly raise the quality of the fitness industry within the UK and beyond.”

If you would like to  apply for endorsement for this award, visit the SkillsActive website to view the evidence checklist or call the Professional Development team on 020 343 3484 to find out more.

For more about S&C, visit their website.

Referrals through the QTP

Your Quality Training Portal page is not only a marketing and promotional tool for you to shout about your organisation and endorsed training or accredited qualifications – it is also a way of potentially getting direct referrals by using the Scheduling option.

Simply add the training venue in the Venue section on the menu, then go to Scheduling to bring your venue and programme together in order to create a referral table on your QTP page. Anyone interested in your training will be able to click on the Enquire link in the referral table to request further information by supplying their contact details.

If you need any help setting this up on your QTP contact us at 020 7840 1911 or

Is your Twitter feed displaying correctly?

We noticed some interesting variations of code added to the ‘back end’ of some QTP accounts, in the hope that they will magically transform into Twitter feeds on the live pages. Unfortunately lots of them aren’t!

What you are looking for is your Twitter widget number – this is a row of numbers something like 123541256321.

Anything else won’t work, or you will just get a link – which does work but doesn’t look as good as seeing the proper feed on your page.

So if your Twitter feed isn’t showing properly, give it another go using our guidelines.

Don’t forget you can also upload a YouTube video!

QTP Tips


Adding YouTube videos

Did you know you can add YouTube videos to your QTP pages? Make your training come to life using our simple instructions to embed your training or promotional videos.

Viewing the front and back ends of the QTP at the same time

Sometimes when working in the ‘back end’ of the QTP to upload some new information for approval, it’s useful to be able to see the ‘front end’ to view what is already appearing on the portal. If you’ve ever been in that situation you will have realised that this isn’t as simple as it sounds, and you in fact have have to log out to do this.

There is a way round it though – you just need to open the QTP in a different browser. So for instance, if you log into the QTP via Google, open the public view of the QTP in Internet Explorer. Then you will be able to view your public pages without having to log out.

Intellectual property ownership for Endorsed Providers

Intellectual propertyOne of the key elements of endorsement is the protection of the learner. By taking on the quality assurance of training in our sectors, SkillsActive also takes on the responsibility for the learner’s satisfaction with the training they have undertaken. Because of this we require that any training that we endorse is the intellectual property of the Endorsed Provider and not a third party.

If you haven’t created your training yourself, you must provide a signed and dated statement transferring the intellectual property to you either when you submit for endorsement or upload new training to the Quality Training Portal under a Multiple Endorsement.

For full details of our intellectual property requirements, including third parties delivering your endorsed training, see our Complete Guide for Endorsement.

New developments in the QTP


We’re continually looking at how we can improve the Quality Training Portal for both our Endorsed Providers and potential learners viewing the site.  We have recently completed a raft of developments designed to enhance the system:

Price on Application

Previously the only option for pricing was to stipulate a figure – difficult for those with a fluid pricing structure – so now we have a POA option too.

Please contact us for directly for training dates

We realised that the previous statement that appeared when no dates were scheduled for training – ‘There are currently no events scheduled for this course’ – wasn’t giving the right message so have replaced it with an invitation to enquire further.

Scheduling filter

We have introduced a filter system so that you can now sort your list of approved training in the ‘back-end’, with the default set to show all training that is running presently or in the future. This means that expired training is no longer mixed in with the current training.

Mandatory fields

To ensure that the content of the training on the QTP is full and relevant for potential learners, we have made mandatory the following fields: short description, content, pre-requisite, contact details.

CPD calculations

To assist you to calculate your CPD points we have added a help button next to the CPD box.

Bulk uploads

If you have a large number of training programmes to upload, you can now do this by simply filling in our bulk upload spreadsheet with all the detail that you are required to provide by going to the usual upload form on the website. The first 10 are free to upload but any part of 10 additional programmes will incur a fee of £50+VAT.

Future developments

If you have any recommendations that we can consider for further development, please do let us know.

Become a Lead Provider to gain new learners

Lead Provider 0314

Become a Lead Provider today and we can match you with new learners!

Lead Provider status is for Endorsed Providers who can show that they can fulfill learners’ needs, and benefit from the following.

  • Priority listing on the Quality Training Portal
  • Preferred supplier status on national and regional programmes (subject to availability)
  • Access to external funding opportunities and inclusion in new funding bids (subject to availability)
  • Opportunity for collaborative working with other Lead Providers
  • Use of the SkillsActive, Lead Provider, CPD and professional register logos, as well as any other relevant partner logos, on your training and marketing materials

By becoming a Lead Provider, you will also have the opportunity to become a Test Centre, in order to provide a formal route for learners from abroad or higher education to join REPs through an Accreditation of Prior Learning.

The Register of Exercise Professionals Test Centre website page currently receives on average 780 unique user visits per month, and last month saw the following enquiries:

  • 518 users Level 3 Personal Trainer (£500)*
  • 111 users Level 2 Gym Instructor (£200)*
  • 107 users Level 2 Exercise to Music (£200)*
  • 36 users Level 3 Pilates (£200)*
  • 13 users Level 2 Aqua (£200)*

*Price per assessment per candidate

We put these enquiries in touch directly with an appropriate Lead Provider that can fulfil that need.

If you would like to sign up to become a Lead Provider and Test Centre for £750+VAT and receive direct learner leads from SkillsActive, please contact Emily Keenan at

SkillsActive partners with Habia to deliver endorsement

We are delighted at SkillsActive to now be partnering with Habia to deliver endorsement to the Hair and Beauty industry, and welcome all current Habia Endorsed Providers.


There are many new benefits to your endorsement, which you will be able to take advantage of NOW!

  • SkillsActive and Habia endorsement logos showing that you have been approved by your sector skills council
  • Access to the Quality Training Portal (QTP) to promote your organisation, CPD training and/or QCF qualifications, potentially bringing you new learners from across the whole of the Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being sector
  • CPD points for your training and/or qualifications, giving extra value to members of the Register of Beauty Professionals
  • Free membership of ActiveAdvantage, bringing you savings across key areas of business such as marketing, design, telecoms and payment processing at no cost to you
  • The opportunity to upload your CPD training to Springboard to be available online, or to increase your training portfolio by downloading existing online training to your own website
  • A quarterly endorsement newsletter keeping you up to date with news, events and policy

You can get your new endorsement and CPD point logos by registering on the QTP and uploading your endorsed training and qualifications:

Our endorsement options

All endorsements last for one year unless otherwise specified.

QCF Verification

If you are currently a Habia Member School, you will be endorsed via QCF Verification and become an Endorsed Provider:

  • QCF Verification Unlimited – this allows you to list as many qualifications as you wish on the QTP, as long as they fit our subject categories and are on the QCF. Qualifications can include generic titles such as first aid, PTTLS, management etc.  With this option you can also add dates and venues for no extra charge.
  • QCF Verification 3 – this allows you to list up to three qualifications on the QTP, as long as they fit our subject categories and are on the QCF. Qualifications can include generic titles such as first aid, PTTLS, management etc.  To add dates and venues costs £10+VAT per programme.
  • QCF Verification 1 – this allows you to list one qualification on the QTP, as long as it fits our subject categories and is on the QCF. Qualifications can include generic titles such as first aid, PTTLS, management etc.  To add dates and venues costs £10+VAT per programme.

      NB: evidence of AO permission to deliver any qualifications that you list on the Quality Training Portal is required before the details can go live on the site.

CPD endorsement

If you are currently Habia endorsed as CPD, your new endorsement will be either Single or Multiple Endorsement and you will be an Endorsed Provider.

Single Endorsement is available in the following categories:

  • Course (8-16 CPD points per programme)

A programme of learning that must be a minimum of eight learning hours; be part-mapped to the relevant National Occupational Standards (NOS), and have a summative or continuous assessment (theory and/or practical).

  • Workshop (4-6 CPD points per programme)

A programme of training that must be a minimum of four learning hours, with no requirement for mandatory assessment or mapping to NOS.

  • Other (1-3 CPD points per programme)

An endorsement category for any form of training of at least one learning hour which develops a learner’s knowledge and skills but doesn’t come under the Course or a Workshop categories i.e. conferences, seminars, podcasts and articles.

Multiple Endorsement lasts for two years and requires just one Course submission. Following approval, all other endorsements can be submitted via the QTP without any additional evidence being required. Quality is maintained via an external quality assurance visit and desk-based sampling during your endorsement period.

Centre of Expertise

Centres of Expertise is a national network of training providers delivering high quality programmes and recognises providers that are delivering the very highest level of learning and addressing employer demand in the hair and beauty sector. You can apply to become a Habia Centre of Expertise once you have successfully gained endorsement.

Lead Provider

As Centre of Expertise, you will gain additional benefits by becoming a Lead Provider at no extra cost – simply contact our Partnerships Manager Joanna Kirk at to be guided through the process if you are already a Centre of Expertise or visit the website for moe information.

Click here for further details of all these options.

Your next renewal

When your current endorsement is due for renewal, you will need to complete the SkillsActive online renewal form which will reflect the following renewal prices:

  • QCF Verification 1: £150+VAT – enables you to promote one specified qualification on the QTP
  • QCF Verification 3: £300+VAT – enables you to promote three specified qualifications on the QTP
  • QCF Verification Unlimited: £500+VAT – enables you to promote as many relevant qualifications as you deliver on the QTP
  • Single Course Endorsement: £250+VAT* – enables you to promote your Course on the QTP
  • Single Workshop Endorsement: £180+VAT* – enables you to promote your Workshop on the QTP
  • Single Other Endorsement: £160+VAT* – enables you to promote your Other training on the QTP
  • Multiple Endorsement: £1355+VAT – enables you to promote all your endorsed CPD and any relevant QCF qualifications on the QTP. Multiple Endorsement runs for two years compared to one year for all other endorsements.

* Single Endorsement costs are discounted at renewal.