Is your Twitter feed displaying correctly?

We noticed some interesting variations of code added to the ‘back end’ of some QTP accounts, in the hope that they will magically transform into Twitter feeds on the live pages. Unfortunately lots of them aren’t!

What you are looking for is your Twitter widget number – this is a row of numbers something like 123541256321.

Anything else won’t work, or you will just get a link – which does work but doesn’t look as good as seeing the proper feed on your page.

So if your Twitter feed isn’t showing properly, give it another go using our guidelines.

Don’t forget you can also upload a YouTube video!


QTP Tip of the Month – use your social media to increase your presence through the Quality Training Portal!


Did you know that you can link your Twitter to the QTP so that your tweets are displayed on your course information pages? Regular tweeting also optimises your chances of being more visible in a search engine enquiry for your training (ie Google).

To link your Twitter page to your QTP page, you need to go into your Twitter account to find your ‘data widget ID – this can be a little complicated but we have attached a guide that will take you through that process quickly and easily. Download our guide here. 

You can also utilise @SkillsActiveQTP and register Twitter page (see your register’s website for the link) by following us, and we can retweet information about your training.

You can also post details of upcoming training on your register’s Facebook page – again, you will find the link by going to the relevant register website.  Find your SkillsActive professional register here

Quality Training Portal tip of the month

Embed your Twitter widget onto your Quality Training Portal training pages! If you use Twitter, then you can add your live feed to the training pages of the QTP. This will help increase SEO (search engine optimisation) and potentially drive traffic to your training pages. It could also help to increase followers and social media activity for your business.

To embed your widget, all you need to know is your Twitter ‘handle’ (e.g. @…..) and your Data Widget ID (this is an account-specific number).

In case you are unsure how to embed your Twitter widget we written a quick handy guide:

  • Access your Twitter account. Once logged in, access your settings by clicking the “cog” in the top right corner and select Settings


  •  In the left hand navigation bar, select Widgets


  • If you have no existing widgets, select Create New. If you do, select Edit


  • Configure your widget as required and select Create Widget


  • From the HTML box, locate and copy the numeric which is inside speech marks and in the text follows immediately after data-widget-id=tw5
  • Log in to QTP on Detail page


  • At the bottom of the page, under Twitter Details, enter Twitter Username (or Handle) and paste the previously copied number into data-widget-idtw7
  • Click Submit
  • Your changes will be sent to the Administration Manager for approval. Once approved, your Twitter Widget will be visible underneath your company information on the front of the site